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“The Greatest Story Ever Sung, submitted for a Grammy Award nomination in three categories, is narrated by Stephen Baldwin and tells the story of the birth of Jesus through traditional Christian music.”

Kurt Neubauer

Executive Producer



Two Double Set CD’s - 34 Track Special Edition

A Celebration of the Life of Jesus

The Artists

Stephen Baldwin Narrates

'The Greatest Story Ever Sung'

The Greatest Story Every Sung is a musical journey of traditional Christian music. Presented are thirty-four songs and introductions by Stephen Baldwin that take the audience through the Story of Jesus Christ, our savior, from the nativity to the Resurrection. The music was performed by a group of Christian artists working in the historic SugarHill Studio in Houston, Texas. The audience will find the music spiritually inspiring and incredibly addictive.

It was during a tremendous live performance in 2012 at Faith United Methodist Church, in Richmond, Texas, that Kurt Neubauer while attending, conceived of the Greatest Story Ever Sung project. Not only had he been deeply moved by the performance, but he also saw how so many in the Church congregation were touched in a profound way. He being a singer in the choir, Kurt approached the Music Director Suzanne Olmon with his idea for recording a production to be heard by the many, and so the project was born.

Stephen Baldwin

Actor / Director

Although more recently well known for appearing on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, with Donald Trump, Stephen has had a long career in Film and Television, most notably in the box office hit “The Usual Suspects”. Stephen has become very active in Faith based productions in recent years, and was delighted to be involved in The Greatest Story Ever Sung.

Kurt Neubauer

Executive Producer | President & CEO - Momentous Entertainment Group

Kurt originally conceived of the Greatest Story Ever Sung project in 2012. He has been faithful to the production at every level with his initiative to realize his vision. Kurt attends Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas, and also sings in the choir. He also works diligently serving as President and CEO of Momentous Entertainment Group

Suzanne Olmon


Suzanne’s passion for Christ, and singing, come together seamlessly as she sings Soprano in The Greatest Story Ever Sung. Suzanne is the Music Director at her home Church of Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas. When the project was born, Suzanne brought a tremendous dynamic to the whole team.


Roger Clark

Tenor 10/18/1955-1/06/2015

Roger is a singer with a stunning voice, in the choir at Faith United Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas, and the wonderful dynamic of singing on so many occasions with Suzanne Olmon combines perfectly with the rest of the team bringing a rich vocal experience and depth of emotion to the music in The Greatest Story Ever Sung. Roger Clark passed away in early 2015 after a seven year struggle with cancer. Rest In Peace. We will truely miss you.

Susan Evans


Susan brings many years of piano playing and her astonishing talent at keeping the piano melodies toned with an immense depth of feeling to The greatest Story Ever Sung. Her piano playing is rich, vibrant, and thought provoking, yet relaxing and truly inspired. Her involvement in the project brought such a blessing to everyone.

Aija Izaks


The role of a violinist is an important one. Aija Izaks sets a leading tone for the ensemble with passion and joy that reflects in her musicianship. You will feel swept up in the emotion of The Greatest Story Ever Sung as her violin playing couples beautifully with the other instruments and voices bringing you this amazing production.

Andrew Bradley

Chief Engineer

Andrew brought his considerable 28 years of experience and expertise to the project with an infectious enthusiasm. Working as Chief Engineer at the 71 year old world renowned SugarHill Studio he has produced several GRAMMY nominated products. He is often sought out by Capitol/EMI, Vanguard, BMG, WEA and many other record labels.

Howard Harris

Director of Musical Arts

Howard serves as Professor of Music and Founder and Director of Jazz Studies at Texas Southern University. He is an arts pioneer, composer, performing artist and world-renowned music director. Additionally, Howard Harris is the sole African-American Houstonian whose works have been performed by the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

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Jonathan N.

“Sounds Amazing!”

Doug S.

“Wow! That is Powerful! Thanks!!!”


Such Talented People! I have the privilege of knowing these performers. They have been blessing us with their talents for many years. Their yearly Christmas programs have been the perfect beginning to the holiday season. I am so glad to have this music on a CD. These are not professionals, but they sound like it. Beautiful voices singing beautiful songs. And wonderful musicians.”


Wonderful Music! I was turned on to this music by a very good friend of mine. I have a choral background but have listened to and performed popular music for most of my life. I honestly was not sure if I would enjoy this music. I played the CD once I recieved it and I was totally blown away. I could not believe how good the musicianship was and the depth of emotional feeling which came through the music. It stirred many emotions in me and I have listened to the music often, not just during the Christmas season. Listening to this music will not only become a Christmas tradition in my house, but also a part of my Easter celebration. This music to me is evergreen. It is my hope that this ensemble will create more music in the future!”

Sebrina W.

“I’m Impressed!! Great Arrangement, Vocals and Production!! I also like the unique style for a Christmas Album!”

Pam S.

“Sounds Amazing and Wonderful Sound Quality!”