The Music

Narrated by Stephen Baldwin

Words and Music: Joel Lindsey & Christopher Kai
Arranged by: Bradley Knight

Words and Music: Rick Vale

Words by: Mark Lowry
Music by: Buddy Greene

Words by: Herb Frombach
Arranged by: Brad Nix

Words and Music: Old English Air
Arranged by: Don Wyrtzen

Words & Music: Jeremy Johnson & Paul Marinol

Words & Music: Charles Billingsley & Mike Harland
Arranged By: Russell Mauldin

Words & Music: Geron Adam

Words by: Lannie Wolf

Words by: Isaac Watts
Music by:  Lowell Mason
Arranged by: Howard Harris & Bernard Pierre Sr.

Words by: Pietro Yon
Arranged by: Mark Hayes

Words by: Rose Aspinall & Randy Vader
Music by: Jay Rouse

Words and Music: Michael Card

Music by: Adolphe Charles Adam
Arranged by: Mark Hayes

Words and Music: Natalie Grant

Words & Music: Jamison Statema & Daniel Ball

Words by: Randy Vader, Rose Aspinal
Music by: Jay Rouse
Arranged by: Jay Rouse

Words & Music: Paul Alan & Allan Douglas
Arranged by: Daniel Semsen