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‘The Greatest Story Ever Sung’

The Greatest Story Every Sung is a musical journey of traditional Christian music. Presented are thirty-four songs and introductions by Stephen Baldwin that take the audience through the Story of Jesus Christ, our savior, from the nativity to the Resurrection. The music was performed by a group of Christian artists working in the historic SugarHill Studio in Houston, Texas. The audience will find the music spiritually inspiring and incredibly addictive.

It was during a tremendous live performance in 2012 at Faith United Methodist Church, in Richmond, Texas, that Kurt Neubauer while attending, conceived of the Greatest Story Ever Sung project. Not only had he been deeply moved by the performance, but he also saw how so many in the Church congregation were touched in a profound way. He being a singer in the choir, Kurt approached the Music Director Suzanne Olmon with his idea for recording a production to be heard by the many, and so the project was born.

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Narrated by Stephen Baldwin

Words and Music: Joel Lindsey & Christopher Kai
Arranged by: Bradley Knight

Words and Music: Rick Vale

Words by: Mark Lowry
Music by: Buddy Greene

Words by: Herb Frombach
Arranged by: Brad Nix

Words and Music: Old English Air
Arranged by: Don Wyrtzen

Words & Music: Jeremy Johnson & Paul Marinol

Words & Music: Charles Billingsley & Mike Harland
Arranged By: Russell Mauldin

Words & Music: Geron Adam

Words by: Lannie Wolf

Words by: Isaac Watts
Music by:  Lowell Mason
Arranged by: Howard Harris & Bernard Pierre Sr.

Words by: Pietro Yon
Arranged by: Mark Hayes

Words by: Isaac Watts
Music by:  Lowell Mason
Arranged by: Howard Harris & Bernard Pierre Sr.

Words and Music: Michael Card

Music by: Adolphe Charles Adam
Arranged by: Mark Hayes

Words and Music: Natalie Grant

Words & Music: Paul Alan & Allan Douglas
Arranged by: Daniel Semsen

Words by: Randy Vader, Rose Aspinal
Music by: Jay Rouse
Arranged by: Jay Rouse