The Greatest Story Ever Sung – Double CD Edition

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The Greatest Story Ever Sung – Special Edition is a 34 track celebration of the life of Jesus through Christian songs and narrations. Submitted for a 2014-2015 Grammy Award consideration in three categories, best Contemporary Christian Album, Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) and Best Produced Album (Non-Classical), the album is an exquisite series of Christian songs and narrations telling the story of the birth and life of Jesus as well as the death and resurrection of Jesus through traditional Christian songs. Although seldom recorded, some of this music has been enjoyed all over the world for many generations.

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3 reviews for The Greatest Story Ever Sung – Double CD Edition

  1. Sandra Jentzen

    Beautiful music and narration of the life of Jesus. Highly recommend.

  2. Gervase

    Amazing. I love the harmonies, such a wonderful sound. I gave it as a gift. Song transports us – as my mother said – Song is God’s gift to us to help us connect to each other and to him.

  3. Dr. Arthur Richardson

    The mixing is done masterfully! The meaning around the texts emerges along with the familiar and those I’ve heard for the first time. Well done! Should be included in worship occasions.

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